ABOUT DirectReserve

Kitco DirectReserve™ is a digital trading platform that empowers businesses to provide their clients with unparalleled access to the precious metals markets. With Kitco DirectReserve™, custody services and accounts are centralized on a cloud-based platform, where ownership and storage of physical assets merge with the security and portability of a digital asset. With easy account set-up and minimal operational overhead, Kitco DirectReserve™ helps businesses deliver comprehensive, low-cost precious metals trading services to their clients - all while trimming costs, lowering risk, and increasing profits.

Why Kitco DirectReserve™
Precious Metals Trading, Simplified

Easy access to physical and digital precious metals products
Integrated procurement, storage and trading services
Enhanced visibility and control over transactions
Bespoke global distribution services
Seamless API integration and interoperability
Professional trade desk, marketing, and sales support
Full-Scale Retail Services
Centralized Control
Integrated Experience

Scalable Services to Meet Your Clients'
Investment Needs

Kitco DirectReserve™ is designed to serve a wide range of financial institutions, including:

Large institutional buyers
Global fulfilment and extensive investment-grade bullion reserves backed by secure infrastructure make DirectReserve™ an excellent choice for institutional and large-scale investors.
Get end-to-end retail products and services to expand the depth and breadth of trading solutions you can offer your clients. Blockchain security and auditability give them, and you, peace of mind.
IRA / RRSP custodians
Self-directed account holders get diverse retail products, extensive storage capacity and automated account integration, as well as the tools to manage investments and record activities for audit.
Make high-volume orders for precious metals, at market-beating prices, with low transaction costs and near-instantly. Take more profitable positions on trades and truly diversify client portfolios.
Deal with a professional trading desk that can give you fast settlement times and access to a diverse market of large and small-scale buyers and sellers, letting you arrange profitable trades with ease.
Secure custody of gold is guaranteed through DirectReserve™. Trustees get unmediated access to physical metals and the tools to manage settler portfolios simply and auditably.
Offer customers a diverse range of precious metals products and investment services, protected by cryptography and DirectReserve™ physical security — and gain easy access to the precious metals market.



Kitco is the global precious metals authority and retailer of bullion products, recognized as the leading voice in commodities information providing best-in-class news, data and insights.

Kitco.com is visited daily by millions of people around the world. Kitco was the first precious metals company to provide investors with real-time market information, news, analysis and online precious metals services.

Kitco’s media division is a precious metals, commodities and mining global authority, generating and distributing cutting-edge news, market insights and data to a global audience. The Kitco brand resonates globally and our information is consumed by millions on our web assets, applications and social media channels.


Tradewind Markets is a financial technology company that enables alternative assets to be traded, settled, and mobilized with increased security, transparency, and cost efficiency.

Tradewind created a digital precious metals market that uses blockchain technology to streamline custody, trade execution, settlement and the maintenance of supply chain information. The Tradewind platform has been adopted by leading institutions in the precious metals market.



+ DirectReserve™ Integration

The Kitco DirectReserve™ platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing customer relationship management, accounting and reporting systems.

+ DirectReserve™ Physical Delivery

Your clients can request physical delivery of their gold at any time. All orders are processed through Kitco’s global retail distribution service.

+ DirectReserve™ Account Set-up

To apply for a Kitco DirectReserve™ account, please contact us via e-mail at info@kitcovaulting.com.

+ DirectReserve™ Ownership

Each unit of DirectReserve™ is fully backed by physical gold held securely at Kitco’s DirectReserve™ Vault. Your clients can request physical delivery of their gold at any time.

+ DirectReserve™ API

The DirectReserve™ API can be integrated with customer relationship management, accounting and reporting systems. Custom integrations and features are available upon request. For more details, please contact us via e-mail at info@kitcovaulting.com.

+ DirectReserve™ Vault

Kitco DirectReserve™ holdings are stored securely in the DirectReserve™ Vault. Kitco is a leading retailer of precious metals and their vaults are regularly audited by leading security firms.

+ DirectReserve™ Trading

DirectReserve™ allows your customers to easily trade gold using blockchain technology and benefit from low transaction costs, fast settlement times and ability to convert to physical gold at any time.

+ DirectReserve™ Customer Support

You can contact our customer support team via e-mail at info@kitcovaulting.com. We can also be reached by phone during regular business hours at +1 833-972-2424 (USA & Canada) and +1 514-800-1471 (Worldwide).